Over the past half century we’ve seen the birth of worldwide connectivity. We’ve seen the growth of underdeveloped nations, and the unprecedented rise of artificial intelligence.

We have the opportunity to embrace contributions from diverse groups in society as never before.

And we have the risks of disruptive forces, some fuelled by explosive agendas, some by commercial opportunity.

And so we need leaders who are equal to this unparalleled moment of possibility and challenge.

Leaders who manage risk, digital disruption and the demands for growth and productivity. Leaders who facilitate innovation and harness diverse contributions, and do it at speeds never before seen and with transparency never before experienced.

One of the key demands of leadership today is to stay centred, yet adaptable, in the midst of these circumstances. To be able to go beyond reaction, to quickly integrate experiences and act with certainty in the midst of turbulence, is the test of a true leader.

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