We work in succession, transition and as a confidential sounding board for Chief Executives. We work with leaders who know that the first step in leading anyone is knowing and leading themselves.

Oriented to the operating context of our clients’ organisations, we offer encouragement from experience to work at the border of the known and the unknown, wherein lies the greatest growth.

Some of the benefits clients have found from working with us:

• Selecting a CEO who is best fit

• A confidential space in which to review key decisions, challenges

• Transitioning effectively to a new role and its context

• Transforming limiting beliefs and embedding new mindsets

• Uncovering insights that are key to shifting a dynamic or situation

• Locating issues in their bigger context and finding increased clarity

• Being better able to bring different perspectives together

• Mastering personal biases so that judgment remains sound

• Clearing distractions while improving productivity and focus

• A cost-effective culture diagnostic that uncovers organisational patterns, habits and opportunities that block or assist performance

• Leadership development approaches that are foundational to organisational culture shifts.


First, seeing the whole picture of your team, situation, system – the whole chess board

The expanded perspective creates insights and strategies not previously thought of, and with these, the wisdom to act rather than react

Second, Incisive, clear thinking

Defining what’s important in a situation and what to do about it

Third, organisational and Leadership Intuition backed by more than 20 years’ experience

The application of skills, experience and approaches to assist you to see beyond the obvious, using both logic and intuition to surface root causes and previously unseen dynamics.


20 years experience in CEO and senior executive transition